About Us

Your Fitness Starts Here

Fitness West offers Western Canada’s largest selection of premium fitness equipment, but we think it’s bigger than that. Here’s what makes our work important: We get that personal health is foundational to quality of life – and that’s kind of a big deal. Here’s what makes our work different:

We only carry best
in class products.

Gimmicks and fitness products with a short shelf life aren’t really our thing. There wouldn’t be much integrity in talking about a “lifetime of fitness” and providing you with products you (or your customers, clients or staff) will grow out of in six months. There’s a lot of fitness junk out there; we’re just not that interested in selling it to you.

And they're tested. By us.

Would you invite your extended family for dinner and serve them a meal you didn’t like? Neither would we. We’re confident that our equipment can get people in the community to their next fitness milestones because we use the equipment we carry – and we like it.

Our products are great,
and our people are better

Fitness equipment is an investment in wellbeing. Our goal is to make sure your decision is informed, and that you feel you’ve made the right one for many years to come. We do that by providing a team of professionals who can match the right products and services to your unique needs.

Some details about who we are

Technically, there are 2 other companies who work alongside Fitness West. If you’re hailing from BC, Alberta or Saskatchewan, you’ll likely find us under the name Fitness West. However, we have sister companies in Manitoba (Fitness Experience) and Vancouver Island (Aloyd Fitness Equipment). While we don’t all have the same name, we share the same ethos.