Precor Discovery™ Series 2-Tier, 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack

Precor Discovery™ Series 2-Tier, 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack
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The clean,  efficient Discovery™ Series 2-Tier, 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack provides easy access to 10 pairs of dumbbells with an optimal tier design that allows for easy loading and unloading of weights. 

Functional Storage Provides space efficient storage for 10 pairs of most commercially available fixed head, pro-style dumbbells. User Comfort Unique saddle design eliminates any hard metal edges that can scrape users' knuckles when loading weights. Aesthetically Appealing The design allows for seamless side by side positioning of multiple Dumbbell Racks and the simple tiers and saddles make it easier to keep the rack clean.

Equipment Features

Frame and Finish
Heavy duty industrial grade steel tubing is welded in all structural areas to withstand the most severe environments. Powder coated frame.
Rubber Feet
Rubber foot pads are standard, provide product stability and help to prevent product movement.
Weight Storage
Accommodates 10 pairs of 5-50 lb. (2-22kg) dumbbells

Equipment Specifications

Max Storage Weight
550 lbs. / 250 kg
Standard Frame Colors
Gloss Metallic Silver
Metallic Ash
Desert Bronze
Black Magic Gloss
Gloss White

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

87 inches / 220 cm
28 inches / 70 cm
32 inches / 81 cm
Equipment Weight
207 lb. / 93.9 kg

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

Box 1 = 34.5 inches / 87.5 cm, Box 2 = 87 inches / 221 cm
Box 1 = 29.3 inches / 74.5 cm, Box 2 = 12 inches / 29.5 cm
Box 1 = 8.3 inches / 21 cm, Box 2 = 8 inches / 20 cm
Shipping Weight
Box 1 = 73 lbs. / 33.2 kg, Box 2 = 156 lbs. / 70.7 kg

Commercial Strength Warranty Periods and Coverage

  • Series: Discovery & Vitality
  • Structural frame parts and weldments: 10 years
  • All surface areas to include painted and plated surfaces: 1 year
  • Structural moving parts, weight stack plates and components, bearings, bushings, pulleys, and seat adjustments: 5 years
  • All other parts (including handles, end caps, cables, selector pins, and shrouds): 1 year
  • Upholstery pads, roller pads, grips, and straps: 6 months
  • Labour: 1 year